Following booking information are the general booking conditions that concern Beltour and the contract confirmed tenant who has a contract with Beltour. 

1. The offered rental objects are rent out in the name and on behalf of the owner. The rental contract between Beltour and the tenant is concluded by signing the rental contract resp. by email confirmation. the rental contract remains provisional for both contracting parties during 10 days. This general booking conditions are a part of the rental contract.

2. If the stay is 3 or 4 days, the rental price is recalculated according to the amount of days of the stay. There is an additional charge of 20% on the recalculated rental price. From 5 days on there is no additional charge, the rental price will be calculated according to the amount of days of the stay.
If you stay longer than 14 days there is a deduction of the rental price for each additional day. For more information please send a request.
booking fee of CHF 60.- can be added, but it will be declared before conclusion of the reservation.
There is a deposit of 50% of the rental price to be paid in CHF. Possible bank fees have to be paid by the tenant. Payments in Euro will be credited to the current exchange rate which is determined by Beltour in CHF.
Beltour may require at arrival a security deposit in CHF and the deposit of the passport.
If the guests don't arrive till 6 pm and the guests did not inform the landlord about the late arrival, the landlord is authorized to rent the apartement to other guests.
If the guests arrive out of the opening hours, if they have not informed the landlord about this fact, the landlord can ask a check-in-fee of CHF 25.-.

3. The chalets and apartments are classified as follows:
Simple *
Standard **
Middle class ***
First class ****
Luxury *****
Changes in terms of the equipment, the facilities and the technical installations are reserved.

4. The tenant agrees to treat the rental object and inventory carefully. The tenant reports damages caused by its own fault or that of its guests. Any existing defects in the rental object or inventory have to be reported by the tenant directly after takeover. The office can not guarantee that the Internet via Wireless LAN functions at any time.

5. The rental object can only be occupied by the number of people agreed on the contract. Pets may only be brought by the tenant with the permission of the office and must not be left alone in the rental object.

6. In case of cancelation of the contract by the tenant 61 days before the arrival day, only 10% of the rental price will be charged for administration costs. In case of contract cancelation within 60 to 35 days before arrival, 50% of the rental price will be charged. At any later cancelation the whole rental price will be charged.
However if the rental office can find another tenant on the same period and under same conditions, the rental price will be refunded. In any case a cancelation fee of CHF 60.- will be charged.
Bookings for the following winter season are provisional till the 30th of June, bookings for the following summer season are provisional till the 31st of January.

7. The basic cleaning of the rental object, especially the kitchen and the dishes, has to be done by the tenant. The dispose of the waste is mandatory.

8. The office declines all responsibility for any damages (accidents, losses, delays, etc.) Jurisdiction is in Brig, Switzerland